Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My mom thinks the world is going to end.

So she's been doing entirely normal things for a middle-aged Caucasian WASP to do.

Like running to Wal-Mart at nine pm with a girl friend to stock up on ammunition.

Hoarding canned and dry foods.

Filling her chest freezer with venison.

Buying sheep.

And of course, taking shooting lessons from a guy whose day job is training SWAT teams.


Anonymous said...

As a middle-aged Cauc RC mom I'm right there with her barely holding myself back from doing the same things; I guess that means we're not so crazy.
Angeline's mom

Big D said...

Your mom is a badass.

Also, I was renting a movie the other night (at one of those 'redbox' things) and the woman in front of me was having a hard time reading the machine and so I ended up in a conversation with her which ended, just before her movie was vended, in her telling me that I needed to go stock up on canned goods and water because things were about to go down the toilet and the government was going to stop the circulation of paper money and restrict us to only using our credit cards...


Anonymous said...

Not true---I don't think the world is going to end,though it IS a catchy phrase but, as my old trading mentor taught me, my mantra is "hope for the best,prepare for the worst."
And you all are all welcome here on the farm--but bring your own guns!!!

Alexe's Mom

(ps, Danielle,forget credit cards)

Anonymous said...

"prepare for the worst"
A world that can't take a joke.

;) :0