Thursday, October 02, 2008


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The first business plan I came up with to become a full-tine farmer centered around milking 10 cows and selling the milk to neighbors at regular retail supermarket prices. It would have been a nice living. But it's illegal.


I think it's amazing that in a country which promotes the freedom to own firearms, freedom to worship and freedom of speech, we don't have the freedom to choose our own food... Half the alleged food in the supermarket is really dangerous to your health.

Say it, Salatin!

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Big D said...

It makes me want to live next door to him, grow tomatoes or something, and "trade"

or maybe just have his electric bill sent to me or something.

I am REALLY irritated by the regulations that allow people to *feel* safe... allow them to just be lazy, basically.

I would MUCH rather have to trek over to a local farmer's place and check it out for myself than have some USDA yay-hoo assuring me it's safe. This is a problem that's central to SO MUCH these days. People don't want to take responsibility for themselves, for their families and their own health. We've gotten so far away from community living that we're allowing the government to "do it for us" when really what's happening is that they're just telling us what we want to hear, and all the while we're happily stuffing our faces with really poisonous stuff!

It seems like such a big problem. But really, when i think of it, I try to think of you. Because you make the problem seem smaller. You grow your own tomatoes and hunt down someone to buy a cow from and you are AWAKE.

Thank you... again... for being so awesome and inspirational!!!

p.s. I want to do this: