Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Had Nothing To Eat Today Except Lasagna, Cake, and Corn. And Tums.

Thanks to all who sent good wishes. And to those who sent gifts: well, blessings, and  know that I do love presents.

And cake, of course.

But let's face it. The real reason y'all visit this blog is to see the bebe.



Anonymous said...

I look at the blog daily to see all of you . I loooooooove the picture of you Alexe with the cake over your head . Remember you will always be # 1 to all those who love you . Of course to your husband especially since kids leave the nest eventually . Please continue to have lots of puctures of all three of you . Thank you , Maman

Big D said...

I agree with the Momma - I wait for pictures of all of you, not just Annaliese.
Although, I do not visit with the intent of holding you or K. you guys will just have to do that for each other, I'm only interested in the bebe.

both pictures of you are PRICELESS. Happy BIRTHDAY!

Anonymous said...

"But let's face it. The real reason y'all visit this blog is to see...." /Users/maryvanbeuren/Desktop/IMG_0456.JPG

u mike

(if this doesn't show as a photo... well, back to the drawing board!)

Carrefour said...

What, is she reading already?

Happy Birthday!