Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annaliese is Slaying Me

I really can't wait for my mom to see her next week, because I know she'll confirm what I see: that little A. has grown up SO MUCH in the last three months.

I'm not saying she's grown. She's not. She is still emphatically a baby, with baby problems: so tired, can't fall asleep; pooping at the dinner table; teething, teething, teething.

It's hard to explain, but she's so much more of a little person these days... she doesn't like mashed broccoli. At all. She let it fall out of her mouth and looked at me like, you're feeding me dogshit now? She wants to feed herself, thank you. She wants to feed her pasta to the dog. She does not want to sleep; instead, she wants to roll over, sit up, and stand up in her crib, where she will bounce up and down while holding the bars and chortling wildly. I looked over a minute ago to the pulled-out drawer of fabric and things she plays with while I type and she was holding a packet of brackets (sealed) and STANDING. Just standing, not holding onto a thing, and when she's done standing she will plop back onto her butt and scoot over to whatever interests her next. She thinks my dancing/singing is hilarious and giggles when I lean towards her making funny sounds. She wants to eat whatever I'm eating, which means she had her first gingersnap this noontime, and she seemed to like it a lot, judging by the conscientious solemnity with which she chewed it down. She does not like it when I'm in a store, say, and having a conversation with a friend that bypasses her, and so she'll warble until the spotlight returns to her. She calls everything "da." She scoots over to my chair, pulls herself up, and then smiles at me, showing her gapped front teeth, and hopping a little in excitement that we're smiling at each other. She is very, very bored with all her toy-toys, and increasingly enchanted with things like the dogs' water bowl, Shadow's chewed tennis ball, leaves, sticks, and the broiler pull-out of the oven. 

I guess my point is that even though her napping is ABSURD and K. has to pick her up from standing in the crib, pat her a few times, and lay her back down at least three times a night, she's still really, really fun these days.


Anonymous said...

I told william our wedding date is 10/10/2010 so he better ask me soon. I also mentioned that if we get pregnant in april, the baby won't come until i'm done with school :)

He was not impressed!

Able Ponder said...

Big A'a going to be so pissed that we have to travel on her birthday!
The little one will probably be pleased as punch to be out and about.
What wonderful girls I have.

Able Ponder said...

hmm, apparently big A left herself signed into her account on my phone. So my comments look like they're coming from her. In which case...
I have the most wonderful husband in the world!!! So kind, caring, cute, and a great father! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, if A is living in CANADA by then, it won't be a long trip :)

Oz said...

Oh, the dog's water bowl - Axel, too, believes that is one of the best toys there is. The dog is either dehydrated (because the bowl is up and out of baby reach) or the kitchen floor is wet (because it is down and in baby reach).