Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A week of pictures

A home-made and uber-cheap Valentine's day:

The dawning of K's 26th birthday:

We headed west through the delta to see the Missisippi River:

And because the water recedes wherever we go, we had to ford a ten-foot area and walk across hundreds of yards of sand and pebbles to actually stand on the corner of the river, on which there were barges going up and down. Apparently, the part we walked across had been covered in river water three weeks ago. Which would have made it look a whole lot more impressive. Nonetheless, the dogs had a ball.

Upon arriving home, K. took out the clippers. We've been waiting until it warmed up, and this coming week is supposed to be in the sixties, hence:

And for funsies:


Danielle said...

oh, Dido looks so naked!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see her with her new 'do.

did i mention you should plan on me driving down on that saturday for March Big Truck?

Anonymous said...

Dido! Nooooooo!!! :)
I love the Pizza, by the way. Super Romantic, and I'm sure it was insanely yummy as well!

Missin you,
Sarah Brock-o-licious


Aww, you just look so adorable holding that pizza :)
An ex-boy's mother said something I've never forgotten, and it seems to apply here too.

And I quote:
"It's nice to see you happily ensconced in such cleanly domesticity."

:) *kisses* -C