Sunday, February 25, 2007

socially speaking

K. coaxed me into signing up for his company's soccer team. He'll be playing as well. I'm not nervous about my ability (which is probably pretty darn low)-- more about having a team sports commitment. Historically, despite the fact I've played lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and rugby, the last time I enjoyed team sports was...well, soccer. When I was about ten. No practices, just Sat am games, which we invariably lost, with all the public school kids with whom I got to hang out.

Maybe this will be fun.

We've gotten pretty used to having all of our friends long-distance. On weekends when we're home alone, we cook up something good, read on the couch, or watch downloaded sitcoms or Sherlocks Holmes dvds.

On Thursdays, I catch a ride in with my elderly retired friends and meet K. at Thacker Mountain radio, where we join the community in watching an entertainment show that's broadcast on air (super-fun-- lots of good music, authors, and whatnot).

On Fridays, I meet the Literary Club at the drugstore and drink coffee while gossiping with the retired women at high volume.

On Sundays, we head to church, and in the afternoon, I potter while K. plays volleyball with that rag-tag group over at Poprock Canyon.

We have lots of friendly acquaintances here, but no true friends our own age-- probably because when we meet people our age, they're living with their parents, heading to late-night concerts, already have tons of friends, and are busy anyway doing whatever groovy twenty somethings do. A couple we invited for dinner three months ago finally invited us over, but had inadvertently double-booked themselves, so they ended up rescinding their own invitation. People seem so very busy to me.

I'd like to find some people with whom we could have bonfires and howl at the (early evening) moon, but for now, it's mostly us. And on Saturday nights, when my hubby wanders around in his torn pajamas and asks if I want popcorn, that's more than alright.

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