Friday, February 02, 2007

snow in mississippi

On Friday morning, we woke to snow. Of course, it was gone by nine am. But nonetheless: snow!

My mama left at noon. We had a nice long visit, and now she's heading back to Virginia, sans Soco (her dog), because she may or may not be going to Costa Rica. Next week. To attend Spanish school. Though she's not yet sent in the application. And I'm obviously a gigantic control freak because I find this behavior baffling.

Though not this behavior:


We passed at least two homeless dogs today alone. We've tried to coax them home, but they seem quite uninterested in humans and food. Though not our girl-dogs (the strays being very un-neutered males). Since the county shelter euthanizes roughly ninety animals a week and we live in a rented house, we leave them be. I'm not sure what else to do.

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Anonymous said...

We can't save them all-- it's heartbreaking, I know.

As for the "pips"-- they are the roots for lily-of the valley. You can get them from a nursery or sometimes a flowershop-- I bought these online at White Flower Farm (CT) which is probably not the best way to go--given your warm locale, I bet you could find them pretty easily-- and they are perennials so after they bloom you can plant them outdoors and they will bloom (and spread!) every spring.