Tuesday, February 13, 2007


What's with the lack of blogging lately, yo? Elbows into the sides of everyone on my links page (with the exception of Bluepoppy and Farmgirl).


I've powered through Chapter 10; 6 chapters to go before my first novel is officially done (I'm aiming for March 1st). Of course, if I'm lucky and someone wants to publish it, I'll have to revise it probably 18 more times.


K's birthday is this Sunday, and I think I'm more excited than he is. Last week he called me from work and said "Give me a reason I can't go to this conference with S--- next weekend."

I said "because it's your BIRTHDAY!!!!!"

He laughed and said, "Right. That'll do."

He forgot his own birthday. Man, I'm fully aware that mine rolls around in slightly under seven months, and if past trends continue, I'll be insufferable for the preceding three months.

I got him presents today. They are all going to be surprises this year, unlike Christmas (which was so fab I couldn't resist telling him), and last year's (don't order something a month ahead of time because that's way too long to keep your mouth shut).


Here's the pic that's coming out in this week's Herald announcing the upcoming feature (the one where I interview people). Note the dog drool on my shirt, courtesy of the great white beast that is my mother's dog. I couldn't actually open my eyes much, as I was staring straight into the sun for the fortieth time, since Sweetie McSweetie took forty pictures before this one (I call him Sweetie McSweetie, and he calls me Spendy McSpend-a-Lot. Though not when it concerns his birthday).


Danielle said...

dude, you will NEVER be able to see that drool by the time it is printed on the newsprint.

what's the name of the newspaper's website again? i made a mental note and then of course lost it on my mental desktop.

you should have a blog post from me tomorrow sometime, i'd wager?
we're in the midst of some really hellacious "loyalties" at work - which means 25 or so version of basically the same email (with there being variations on those 25 versions on top of that).
so none of that today.

Thank you for putting up with me for the weekend!

and it looks like March will work for me if it'll work for you... it will actually free up my bed for my parents to crash in ;)

you know, if a girl's got to work until 7 at night, at least she gets the wonderful sound of the rain on the roof to keep her company.

I was thinking today that "Waiting on Las Vegas" would be a good name for a book... but it sounds familiar. Can you think of why? damn, my brain is mush from these URL appendages...

Anonymous said...

A) You and the pups are adorable. The end.

B) I was sick of the "things I did this week" posts that I started writing... so I stopped writing those until I came up with something decent to write. :) I'll be sure to get on the blogging.

C) I am the QUEEN of buying things for birthdays waaaaaaaay too early. And I can't keep my mouth shut about them. Enjoy K's birthday!!!

Talk to you soon my dear!

Anonymous said...

Now there's a pretty picture! Good looking dogs//and who's that gorgeous white dog next to gorgeous Alexe....now, THAT'S a good lookin' dog/