Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm interviewing my first person today.

Why I shouldn't be nervous:

--I've had time to prepare

-- the editor of the newspaper says that "he wouldn't know where to begin" so I can write it "however I want", including length

-- he's an elderly man who loves to talk

-- he lives two steets over from me so all I have to do is walk over

Why I am nervous

-- because EVERYONE in town reads this paper. Example? Well, approximately an hour-and-a-half after yesterday's paper came out (the one introducing my new feature with a picture of me), the post lady recognized our dogs who were barking in the windows 30 ft up a hill from said picture.

-- because I have to majorly fake my way through talking with people I don't know.

-- and lastly, mostly-- why give up a good reason to be nervous? That's not what nervous people do.

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Danielle said...



"I have to majorly fake my way through talking with people I don't know."

I was in AWE of you out at Taylor Arts, talking to that guy. You were a flippin' GENIUS.

so, though it's belated, you should only worry because it's fun to worry!

in other news, i think we have to put georgia to sleep this week.
i haven't been home to see her today, but alex said that he thinks she had a stroke. we haven't been able to get hold of the vet, but when we do, i'm going to drive her down to mom & dad's and we're going to put her to sleep.

good lord.

makes me jealous that you got to eat soup and read all day. i'm utterly exhausted from all this moving, dog-dying, family-drama, work-drama CRAZY-LAND dance.

are your columns posted on the NMH website?