Friday, June 04, 2010

All is well.

We went to Virginia. My sister graduated, the bebe was christened, once again Annaliese and Kagan puked. And me too. Still fun though. Even if we left at 4´30 in the morning with my mother and sister in the throes of stomach flu.

We came home. The store hadn't burned down. Hit the ground running.... or jogging.... or limping... but it's ok.

Caspian, MY BABY, turned one. He cried a lot and then had banana cake. picures to come. He now has 14 teeth, since the molars are through AND 2 eyeteeth. He is now called Piranha Mouth. He likes pork chops. He is sitting acrss from me right now with a balloon tied to hs chair, trying to use a spoon in a real bowl for the very first time. I am inordinately fond of him and everyone who spends time with him comes up later to tell me-- with wonder in their voice--- how sweet he is.

Annaliese took his presents and then sang him ''Happy Birthday, Baby Brudder, Happy Birthday, Baby Brudder.'' She is very terribly two. We are weary of time-outs. But she is also impossibly charming and speaking full thought-sentences, so...

Going to Bham tonight for a whirlwind bachelorette party.

Pictures, someday, to follow.

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Anonymous said...

I was WONDERING when you'd return to the blogging world... welcome back!