Thursday, May 20, 2010

K. was feeling rich.

So guess what he did with it.

Chipped away at his student loans? Nope. Patched the leaking roof of the house that shall not be named? Nope. Wined and dined me? Uh-uh.

The one with the bottle on it is faithful Boatie. The other? K's new daily driver, kitted out for vegetable oil, with a working radio and the third seat in the back.

Every time he looks at them he giggles.


Anonymous said...

every time i think about it i giggle too!

Anonymous said...

Me too! You finally got a car older than Alexe---and as old as Kagan!!!

I like the fact that it burns veggie oil---

shotz by barb said...

too darn cute!!!

CAITLIN! said...

Dorks. :-) I mean, "Nice Ride!" Maybe you can get fish fry oil and smell like the fish shack when you get to work! :-)