Sunday, May 02, 2010

First Day

Yesterday, I worked from 7am to 8pm without ever going to the bathroom, something I didn't realize until after the end of the day. I sold 50+ loaves of bread, all my bananas, okra, strawberries, and a shocking amount of bagged things I didn't really think would sell, like papaya and pineapple tidbits.

It was a great day.

Sure, there was the stringy-haired lady who bought a cabbage and shoplifted sardines. And the the off-looking gentlemen who pleaded with me to sell my slicing tomatoes 2 for a dollar. And the old man who came in several times to tell me that the family who owns the PigglyWiggly were going to get me. And the family who came in, asked the store's phone number, left, and then called to haggle at great length about the price of the hanging baskets.

Not to mention the fact that 2 of those pricey open coolers I bought were apparently rewired by drunk monkeys, I now owe a repair man an exorbinant sum of money, and we didn't even get the meat/cheese cooler working, so we had none of that out. It also poured and K had left an upstairs window open, so water began seeping though the floor and dripping onto my eletrcontic scale, cash register, AND VERY EXPENSIVE COMPUTER. I'm not entirely sure the printer has survived.

Oh. And Norma? Didn't come to work on Friday or Saturday, because apparently those 4 days of pricing and bagging put her back out.

But despite the obstacles that kept (and will) keep cropping up, it was supremely satisfying to begin. Thrilling to see people excited about the produce and condiments and locally produced milk and bulk spices.

And the kids' area? Brilliant. Parents are loving it. Kids are loving it. Annaliese made about 100 new friends. A little boy told me he loved it and then ran into play, while his mother was practically incoherent with glee that she got to shop in peace.

I know a lot of people came out of curiousity, and Saturday's earnings are not likely to be repeated. In six months, maybe, we'll know if we'll make it. Not today.

But it was a good start. Pictures here. We'll get one of the outside this week.


I have been sitting, staring at the screen, trying to think how to convey that while the store is my inititative, it would not have been remotely possible to open with K, who has done everything from requiring the entire electrical system to building literally everything to helping me with inventory and pricing, to Anika, who got here on Thursday from Germany and has literally not stopped working since, to our babysitter, who has come over at the drop a hat to take care of the kids in the evenings, especially on Friday night, which was INSANE-- I sent Anika home at 11, K home at midnight, and I made it home at 2...

there really just aren't the right words. But man is it good to have those two at my back.

Today is the day of rest. It's raining. K's taking a nap with Caspian, Anika is getting a chance to unpack, and Annaliese is stomping around in her pajamas. It's Family Day. And so I'm not going to think about produce logistics or inventory or bagging or my employee problem any more, at least until the evening.

It's good to be started.


Anonymous said...

wow----just simply wow! You ALL did it---and the store looks AMAZING!!
I am in awe-

Anonymous said...


The stories of opening day sound just about perfect! Wonderfully odd twists that make the day all the more memorable....and the photos are just amazing - people of all strips and they are actually shopping! With carts! love it!!!

Congratulations, darlin, you and K really did it. Big love to Anika, your pixies.

shotz by barb said...

WOW so happy that your first day went great...I just love your blog... The store is so cool! Keep up the good work and as always...enjoy life as you do!

CAITLIN! said...

Dan and Jim and I are all worrying that your manager sounds like a lawsuit - three days on then sueing for back pain. We assume you have workman's comp insurance but really really want to hear you say yes you do. :-) *kisses!* -Caitlin

Em said...

SO proud and excited for you! You must feel so good inside! I really hope we can make a trip and check out your awesome store! Keep it up girlfriend!! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Auntie J here, just in awe, as I told your mama, Alexi - WOW! You and your faithful K and Annika made it happen! Wishing you all continued good luck, with big hugs and smooches to you all! See you soon!