Sunday, May 09, 2010

We had a great day yesterday.

Really, it was our opening... a festival happened right outside our doors, Main Street closed off to traffic, bands playing, the whole shebang, and we sold something like 300+ bottles of vintage-style cane sugar soda, all our bread, every last bottle of milk and cream, and bag after bag of candy.

It was a great day. A long one: on my feet from over 12 hours, smiling and checking people out, refilling coolers, coping with what came up, but a great one.

(took this outside one wednesday, not festival day)

our aprons arrived. don't anika and i look cute? we make the teenage boy who helps us wear one too.

Caspian's enjoying the ball pit, along with 900 other kids....

Anyhow. It was a lot of fun. And then I shut the store down, came home, got to sleep in until 8 AM!!!, and then we went to the zoo. Which was a whole different kind of fun. One I really needed.

And THEN I came home and found out that my baker is dumping me. Without warning. Which means my store opens at 8am tomorrow without our biggest draw/seller. Which really f-ing sucks.


Pictures of the store and the zoo and the whole SHEBANG here.


Heh! Turns out I was wrong! She was just mad at me about a labeling snafu. And out of town unexpectedly tomorrow. Which is not good, but so very much better than I'd thought.

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hey honey--the link doesn't work!!! PLEASE re-post.

Your eager fans await with bated breath---