Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogging From Work

I think I might be beginning to find my equilibium. I finally realized yesterday that what is keeping me off-balance is "hearing" the things every person who walks in the store is thinking. Not that i'm psychic; indeed, I'm probably making it all up. But in my head, I hear people's thoughts. Thoughts like "this is it?" and "those tomatoes aren't anything special" and "how in god's name can they run a grocery store and not have bread?" Couple my craziness with the actual words coming of out people's mouths and my thin skin and it's like being beaten with a mean stick all day long.

So today when I catch myself thinking other people's thoughts, I'm telling myself to shut up. And it's helping.


An Annaliese story!

Friday, her teacher told me Annaliese had something to give me. So I waited until she wandered out with something in her hand. Miss Lee urged her to give it to me, but there was a 3-foot-tall teddy bear in the room, and she was distracted. Eventually she came over but instead of handing me my Mother's Day present-- a styrofoam cup with a flower planted in it-- she said " no! it's my present!"

At which point, I and Miss Lee gave up and I toted the kids to the car.

I was buckling her in and asked again if she wanted to give me my present. She said "NO MA'AM" and so I started up the car.

The whole way home, Annaliese cradled her plant and sang, "Happy Birthday-to-ME, Happy Birthday-to-ME."

This child of mine.


D'nelle said...

I'm now worried that Annaliese and I won't get along, because this illustrates for me a very specific way in which she and I are EXACTLY the same. So it might be a case of two similar personalities not getting along.

I hope that's not the case because I want to kiss her face for being so awesome.

Call me!

CAITLIN! said...

I am loving the store stories, but find myself wanting more information on the bread! What was up with the baker? What's going on with the bread? I *love* that Annaliese wants to keep her plant, that's wonderful! Gardening already! :-)

Beans said...

Good luck with your store! I love the hand made feel of it, the presentation; kid's play area is genius too.