Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Considering my two little numskulls have taken turns in not sleeping-- as in really not sleeping, as in every fricking-45-minutes-uncontrollable-wailing-not-sleeping-- I am in a really good mood.

Must have to do with the vacation research I've been doing for our upcoming anniversary trip. That we are taking in January. Which is really, relatively, right around the corner. Not really sure where the children will be, but one thing's for sure: not with us.

Selling watermelon, pushing the season's first corn, stone-cold out of pork chops and bread. I like this business. I think it suits me.

On a personal note, I picked my first tomato-- a red Mortgage Lifter-- yesterday evening. I am surrounded by produce all day long but I am still excited.

K's leaving next week. All week. Some work and a little play-- on Tahoe in a lakeside cabin with a bunch of guys, no less-- and I am both jealous and apprehensive. Thank Heaven Anika is still here!

Postcard Lady just pulled in. Later, taters.


Anonymous said...

Postcard lady??? Pray tell more---

Able Ponder said...

Local postcards that she makes and I sell. They go surprisingly well.