Monday, June 14, 2010

Belated Bday Pics... And Annaliese

Homemade Banana Cake with Wilbur's Blackberries, Thank you VERY much
And the verdict is....

Yum! Yay for being one!

Little rock star.


Some long delayed pics...

Kids are down with a fever, which is going to make tomorrow... interesting, what with the produce trip and K's day of meetings and all. Good thing Anika is still here.

Annaliese has decided that there is a duck who lives in her room and he scares her. Not sure where THAT came from. Also, she insisted very sweetly this afternoon on putting her scraps from lunch out in the courtyard for the Easter Bunny. He figures promintently in her prayers these days as well.

We have reached the time when I wish we lived elsewhere. Summer in Mississippi is like winter in Vermont-- any time outside is uncomfortable. Although, at least here we do get the bearable mornings and evenings, when people emerge from the air conditioning to walk downtown or cut the grass. I have two friends who ae very pregnant and in so many ways, I don't envy them.

Cheers. Regular posting will, I promise, resume.

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smartinof4steve said...

A is being modest. She made that birthday cake, on a super busy day, home alone with two very grumpy kids, and threw a birthday party in the half hour we had between everyone arriving home from work, and bedtime. And before that cake we all had a lovely dinner, also prepared by A under the same circumstances.

The duck is paying rent of 1 egg per day to stay in Annaliese's room. Any day Annaliese doesn't get her egg, the duck has to leave. So far Annaliese says he's current.