Monday, June 07, 2010

Blame Everyone Else

for the lack of pics. My mother, Anika, and my cousin took pics of hiking, christening, etc, and I've yet to see a single one. And Caspian looked ADORABLE too.

It a slow lunch time here at the BTC. Things seem momentarily under control: orders placed, checks written, account balanced, items priced. I've got a call in to sign uo for a food safety course so we can serve sandwiches: july 4th goal and more of the addicting crackers on their way.

sure hope we make it.

Was missing my little boy this morning-- spending the day with just him, trundling around town and cleaning up the house. Honestly, he doesn't seem to miss it-- he goes off to nursery school in the morning without a murmur, holding his arms out to his teacher-- but I will always be thankful we had 10+ months together at home.

Being away from the house, being at work, not to mention MANAGING a store... big-time change, and I don't have it balanced yet. Sometimes I wish I was still a kid and someone would tell me when I did something right. It's not always easy to tell these days.

But! Sun shining, air conditioning working, been getting some garden time in, and K and I have a date on Saturday.

Plus my little sister, 1 week out of college, went and got herself a JOB. An awesome one that she's excited about, pays well, gets vacay and benefits and whatnot, and involves travel to Hawaii. That kid. She always lands on her feet. I am uber-proud of her and uber-frickin-jealous because man, it'd be good to get paid.

Cheers sister!

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Anonymous said...

I DID send you the link to the pictures on saturday....I swear!