Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'd like to do a photo collage thing of the last five years, but this isn't it. Our actual anniversary celebration isn't until January, when we're taking four days to ourselves somehow somewhere, but we ate steak and drank wine and had apple pie anyhow.

I'm trying to keep some herbs inside over the winter. Despite the fact it is still hundred degree summer here, I went ahead and transplanted them.

The kids have been exceptionally great. We went on an "a-venture" to Fred's the other afternoon and I got the kids new art supplies, 5 dollars and an hour's entertainment worth.

Annaliese got paints.

Caspian got crayons. He spent his time moving them from container to container and freaking out when he dropped one, but he seemed to like them.

Then he got sick and has been ill all weekend. Coughing and snotty and low-grade fever. He came out of it mid-day and hasn't stopped talking since.

He's better. Monday's coming. I can't believe we're almost into October and it's still so frickin' hot outside. That's all I got.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mississippi Mama - UPDATE already! Missin' the news from y'all! XO - Auntie J