Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Do you know how HARD it is to get two kids in the same place, not moving, smiling, so you can take a pic of the CUTIEPIE MATCHING SHIRTS I bought on sale yesterday?

Ignore the crazy photographer and the blue crayon scrawl on the mirror. Someday you will have kids and understand. Or you will die childless and well-rested.

K's gone on a brief business trip. We had a nice Labor Day weekend. We're having sweet potatos for dinner. I recently realized I weigh 800 pounds since starting the store, apologized to K for getting fat, and am doing super-fun things like foregoing cookies and running up hills. Everything's good, in other words. Work, but good.

I really love this picture.

Caspian's getting pretty close to talking. He says Mama now sometimes, as well as Daddy. Annaliese has taken up waking at the crack of dawn but these kids have me so happy to be getting multiple hours of uninterrupted sleep that I don't really care.

Hold K in your hearts and wish him home quick. Otherwise, peace be with YOU.

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Eliza said...

saw the picture of the multiple blue mercedes in the parking lot. Your husband is certifiable. I know he probably thinks he is hilarious.

smartinof4steve said...

no probably about it. :)

Anonymous said...

And they STILL don't have a family car with air conditioning in Mississippi! Sorry, the truck just doesn't qualify----

but all teasing aside, you two do awesome stuff and they cannot be two cuter children on the face of the earth!

eliza said...

i actually want to eat them alive.

is that a little too Hannibal Lector?

Able Ponder said...

Nope. I nibble on 'em all the time.