Monday, September 13, 2010


Tempting fate but man the weather is nice. We journeyed north yesterday to meet my friend Danielle in Holly Springs at the Hummingbird Migration Festival, held at a totally cool 2600-acre antebellum plantation that was deeded to the Audobon Society in the 60s and now features native plantings, bird habitats, etc.

Other than the MISLEADING "wagon ride" which turned out to be a 40-minute, glaring sunshine, cramped nature tour entirely unsuited for talkative adults and small children, it was a win. The weather helped a lot, since there was no A/C to be had.

We had fun. Kids had fun.

Until they didn't.

(bottom pics actually from lat week's pep rally, but they get the point across.)

And then we went home.

Perfect outing :) LOVE those friends who get toddler limitations and have fun anyway!


Anonymous said...

So--was there a dress code--or was it really happenstance that you and Danielle had EXACTLY the same color combo on????Just askin'-

Able Ponder said...

total happenstance.