Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Daily Grind

My mom asked me the other day about getting something at wal-Mart, and I was all like "woman, I don't leave water Valley anymore."

And it's true.

Mon-Friday: give kids breakfast, turn them over to K at 7am, arrive at store at 7:30, open at 8, work until 2:30-3, pick up kids, play/pick up house/ make dinner, K gets home, we eat, we clean up, we clean kids, we watch a show or settle down with a book or 2x a week, he leaves at 7 to work on renovation projects and I clean-clean the house-- mopping, bathrooms, etc. Sometimes we have a date if it's Friday.

Saturday: K stays home with kids and I work until 1. I walk home and we kiss and switch. He works on renovations until 7 while I hang with kids/garden if it's cool enough/etc. He comes home after kids are in bed and we chill together.

Sunday is family day. No one leaves. I get up with kids and let K sleep in a little. I usually get an hour or so to play in the garden. In the afternoon, we tend to go to the Oxford library and replenish books. We do a lot of laundry and take the garbage out and occasionally mow the lawn.

Rinse and repeat. What with the 6th day of work, I'm clocking in 42-ish hours a week at the store, alone with the children for 16, and we don't have a maid or a yardman.

Good thing I love my store. Good thing I love my kids. But 4 months in and Mama's ready for a bit of vacation.

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