Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sometimes We All Want to Be Babies

This morning Annaliese said she wanted a bottle with warm milk, like the baby.

I was cool with that. Why not?

Make no mistake, there is already sibling hitting and pushing in our house, but I am really pleased with the way these two are getting along. Maybe it's because Annaliese was only 17 months when Caspian was born, but I'd like to attribute a little bit to Me being a Good Mama. She started occasionally requesting a pacifier after the baby was born. Parental check: Will it kill her? Nope. And so sure. Annaliese can be the baby whenever she wants. Since Caspian's been born, she's been rocked, pushed in the stroller, put down for night-night, given a paccy, and now a bottle, all Like the Baby.

But she's just playing. Really, she is getting so big, so fast. Yesterday evening she was doing her night-time hollering routine and when K went in to check on her, she said-- so clearly that I could hear her in the hallway-- "No, Daddy. When I cry, I want my mommy."

Guess who got off the couch?


In Store News, we started doing sandwiches. Meaning I started making sandwiches to order, because i have got to understand how this works before I delegate. It's surprisingly challenging. But every little bit counts.

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