Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Hangin'. (Boy is neighbor/friend/Annaliese's schoolmate, who came over on Sunday).


I went shopping on Saturday in my own store after my shift ended, as I do all the time, because why else own a grocery if not to get 10 percent off on all the items I choose, and thought y'all would get a kick out of seeing what I bought. 60 buks right there, which considering I splurged on the Cotswald cheese (cheese of the week last week) and the muesli and the quinoa and the pesto, ain't all that bad.

Course, most of it's gone. There is that.

Tomorrow's Wednesday, my favorite day of the week cos K works from home and we get to canoodle over a child-free lunch. It's nice loving my husband.

-Today's post courtesy of my sister, who tonight said "Post something new on ableponder, I'm dying here." --
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Maggie May said...

i love the porch swing picture! so sweet.

regina said...

This is Regina in Australia. Yes, I visit often because... I like the idea of your store and I like how you write and I found you by hitting "next blog."
Here, for 60 bucks you'd get the milk,(Uncle Toby's) Cherrios, pork, applesauce and sweet potatoes. You might be able to add the peaches, but since you may as well bite a wet tennis ball, don't. How I miss peaches.