Monday, July 19, 2010

Annaliese At The Zoo

She was so excited when we told her she was going Sunday morning. She wore a pink dress her Grandmama gave her, pink shoes, and big-girl panties. She pottied like a champ but couldn't focus on her lunch when there was a playground RIGHT there.

So we let her play. She was a rock star. Climbed every inch of that jungle gym. Did things we didn't know she could do. When I went to get her so we could see some actual animals, she said she wasn't finished, then asked me to spot her as she dangled from a chin up bar. I did. She held her own weight and then tried to get me to let her fall to the ground. I said no. She let go anyway.

(I caught her).

She liked the animals.
But maybe not as much as the playground.

Finally got her to eat lunch at the Farm's pavilion.

Such a very big girl these days, but she still loves her pink blanket.
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