Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Store (Easter pictures are a post down)

So, the main sign is done. The eight transoms are each going to have words in them (think soda pop-cheese-fresh bread-country eggs-local produce-candy-deli meats-beer in old-style script) but that'll come at the end of the month. The "Opening May 1st" poster boards go up this week, though.

Inside, my counter:

Which will have copper on the top and finished wood eventually.

Across the way is the kids' area, fence under construction. This will have gates and thick colorful mats and a bunch of toddler-geared toys-- a playhouse, a kidde pool full of balls, etc. Sweet potato crates are to the right, awaiting K's ministrations. These will go down the middle of the store and be stacked with fresh/colorful/beautiful produce, heaped with fresh loaves of bread, FESTOONED with Ritter Sport and Toblerone bars.

The big metal part is my storeroom, enterable through the double doors down yonder. The floor is DONE, because K's amazing, and it looks amazing. We will be using the rear entrance in the back, which would look much friendlier once the windows are in. So that way people can come via the front or the back.

What you don't see: the open deli cases getting delivered this week, the 100 feet of shelving K and I spent all Saturday hauling out of a closed grocery store in Cleveland, MS, the kiddie mats and the egg cartons and the meat slicer and the cash register.

But we're getting there. Or at least, K. is. He says he would have had to do this alle ventually -- to rent the building out-- but he really is doing the parts I can't imagine how I would get done otherwise.

Will post store pics again in the middle of the month.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing. Everything you do is so right, but mostly, you both are stunning because you actually DO the stuff most of us just dream about. Your store will be a smashing success...:-}

AND, that family Easter photo of you four on the swing is absolutely perfect. Beautamazingful!!!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Kagan, I KNOW what those floors looked like before---and they're beautiful!
What a go---

Anika said...

soooooooo excited.....and amazed...and in awe....speechless actually!

Eliza said...

consider me impressed

Frances said...

Wow. The store looks fantastic. I also must say-- the pics of the family are wonderful. Alexe-- I have never known you to look so happy. I swear you get even more beautiful with age. . . which means your best years are yet in front of you! I love you and miss you. SO excited for you all!