Friday, April 23, 2010

Nothing at all to do with this picture

This morning, I was on the phone with the office supply company, painfully going over every item for the 900th time, when Caspian woke up from his nap. Put him on my hip, filled my palm with raisins; continued talking. Then a red truck pulled into the driveway-- a beer salesman, who for some reason CANNOT ACCEPT PURCHASE ORDERS VIA EMAIL because it's easier to come to my house?-- and the dogs went crazy, like they do. Opened the door, refilled my palm with raisins, motioned to the salesman to hang on (he already knows Shadow doesn't bite), and kept talking. Then an unfamiliar truck pulled into the driveway and a bleached blond got out.

At this point I told the saleslady that no, I didn't need to see the area rep, he could just bring my items by and i would cut him a check, no introductions needed. I hung up the phone. The bleached blond asked me for a job. I smiled and told her all 2 positions were filled. I shifted Caspian to the other hip, called the dogs, led the way back into the house.

We sat down and started talking beer -- Caspian in high chair, with more raisins-- when there was a screech. The bleached blond was spinning out in my driveway.

He had to go help her back out.

I smiled at my son who grinned back at me.

Eventually the salesman came back and I bought some beer.

It's been a strange few days lately.


shotz by barb said...

I love love love your blog girl. I am an aspiring writer but need encouragement sometimes and your blog does just that! I pray that you and your beautiful family are safe in Mississippi...heard that there were terrible storms safe and keep up the good work...good luck May 1st.God Bless!

Big Nick said...

A you left out the most important details--- please elab on the brews! deets!