Thursday, April 22, 2010

In The Meantime...

Nonni came to visit. Annaliese was lit up like a Christmast tree. These two have a mutual adoration. We took the whole family on our first tri-generational graveyard wander, and it was really fun! Welcome to the family, kids!

I cleaned the living room (and other rooms) only to find the children like so, Cheerio bag upended around them while watching Aladdin (we'd been outside for over an hour, playing in the garden, don't judge me!). These two. The dogs are so sick of Cheerios they won't even eat them now. Which makes me say things about dogs in India.

Don't think for one minute this is a candid. Of Caspian, maybe. K and Annaliese share the same ability to look absolutely charming for the camera. But adorable, c'est vrai?

8+ hours of sleep + watching a new episode of Castle with Sweetie over there + 6 child-free Wednesday hours means I'm back to feeling like myself.

Happy Thursday.

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