Wednesday, April 07, 2010

But really, everything's alright, because K didn't die.

I think the fact that I am running around and not accopmlishing much has something to do with both children cutting molars at once. (!!!) Caspian had a few bad nights but now, with the aid of Motrin, is sleeping well once more. Annaliese, my little Princess with a Pea... not so much. She's got 1 2-year-old molar through and 3(stab myself in eye) to go.

I am very tired.

Also, the City is tearing up my backyard. wIth a backhoe. About ten feet from my bedroom window, between me and my chickens, in my SANcTURAY of peace and privacy. SThere are sewer line problems, apparently, and their presence is without a forseeable end-point. There is talk of digging up the whole driveway. There is no room to park my car. The trailer with all the things that need to be pressure-washed has been hauled up the hill, away from where i need to pressure-wash it. There are men in blue uniforms in my backyard all day long, doing things with trucks and saws and that damn backhoe, and Although yes, thank you City, for having sewer lines and (sort of) maintaining them.

pLUS K's in bed and out of commission with his sinus surgery recovery, pollen is COATING my house, and this morning, Annaliese had one of those number 2 explosions that necessitated bathing. In the bath I'd just cleaned. And then K called from the bathroom that Caspian's diaper was full too.

I am going to make myself a bracing cup of tea, go give the heating and cooling man 5 thousand dollars (!!!!), and then go pick the children up. We're going to the garden. Backhoe be damned.


Anika said...

Hold on....I'm coming...sorry I can't make it sooner (stupid, stupid exams)...but I'm coming....and then I can take care of you...Auntie Anika to the rescue...only 3 more can do it!!!

oh, and I'm glad K didn't die...I rather like him ;-)

Anonymous said...

And I'll be there Thursday----!!!!