Sunday, October 25, 2009

While You Were Out

So, my husband did not use a week free of wife and children to sleep or eat in peace or take long baths. Nope.

And while I found it kind of strange that our first evening back he practically nodded off into his dinner, I am selfishly glad, because LO:

Six months ago, the yard was full of scrap, the dumpster was here, and there was no chicken house! Now it's all empty! Even the ginormous burn pile is gone.



Every morning I wake up, look outside, and feel an enormous sense of relief.

Since we're doing house improvement photos, this one is mine:

I painted the far wall of the living room to warm it up and purchased a rug. I really love this line (dash and albert cotton rugs)-- they are affordable, fit in my washing machine, and they're like a painting for the floor. We are looking for a wood stove and I am going to tile under it and then the living room will be cheery and cosy and beautiful.

So praise be to K.... our home has never looked better.

Not to mention the mown lawn, clean sheets, put-away laundry, cleaned-up nursery, outlet covers, installed heating covers, working windshield wipers, and installed fire alarms!

What a prince.
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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!!
We loved having you here last Sunday.
Keep up the great job!