Thursday, October 08, 2009

tractor show

So, the new camera battery is on its way. These pics are from our town reporter, and a little article with pics can be seen at y a l n e w s . c o m and I am hoping the spacing will prevent them from finding this, as I prefer my neighbors not to know about my blog...

It was a fair and sunny day, a rarity here lately. When I arrived at the park 45 minutes til market, there was 1 vendor and no tractors to be seen.

An hour later...

We had 13 vendors, ranging from wild-caught Gulf shrimp to local unhomogenized milk in old-fashioned glass bottles to dressed quail to pumpkins to fresh bread to produce and fried pies and crafts and... not bad for a town of 3500!

Not to mention 10 antique tractors that were all so loved that they looked brand-new. Next year I am going to do an Ugliest Tractor contest to get some variety.

The tractors were a huge hit with the kids though-- every child there sat on every tractor, delighting their parents and the tractor owners, who tend to be elderly men who get a bit giddy at the sight of their beloved bringing pleasure to small children.

We had some live music, a potluck party table, and a fair amount of customers.

(annaliese very somberly learning the harmonica)

I can only hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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Allannah  Kemble said...

Nice! Tractors and pumpkins were everywhere! Hahaha! The women and the children were busy dealing with those huge pumpkins while the men’s attentions were merely focused on those cool antique tractors. :’D