Monday, October 12, 2009

On Friday, I turned 27.

K. made me a buttercream-and-rasberry-filled yellow cake for my birthday-- as well as the world's largest compost bin, which is super-exciting because not only can I now compost the grass clippings I scavenge from our neighbors, but the pile of scrap in our backyard is ever-decreasing!

There was a certain mention of it all being gone when I return home from VA....

Also, K and I got drunk (aka had two glass of wine each) and ate lobster. Then he opened the door and there was a toy poodle on its hind legs, begging with both front paws to come in!

He was obviously abandoned. Now he is quite clean and cute and I cannot stop marveling at how little bother he is-- no shedding, no vomiting thus far, and he's nice to Annaliese. We are not SURE we are keeping him, but he is going to vet on Friday. His name is Hercules.

(p.s. the steps are done but the porch floor is still just primed because it won't stop RAINING. ARG.)

We left the children with Miss Margaret on Saturday and went to Ole Miss for the Sedaris show, which was funny and adult and a neat thing for us to do. Then on Sunday we went to my farmer friend and bought 4 hens and received as a present three young succulent roosters, who are now in our freezer. (Caspian was watching from the Bjorn as I cut their heads off! He looked fascinated.)

So...lobster, a poodle, a gay comic, and chicken-killing. Even in the unending rain, we manage to have some fine times.

N.B. all photos taken on K's iPhone by him. Camera charger is in the clutches of the increasingly elusive USPS.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend. You'll love being 27 if my last months show any indication of the age--- diamonds, new family, new friends, and a good life. Love you. Stinks

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday Alexe -Glad you got to see Sedaris! Kagan did an excellent job on the cake. Wow, the kids are beautiful - and a poodle - GOOD for you!

Per your earlier post - I love our president too.

Sending love,