Monday, September 14, 2009

A wee ode

Caspian is such a CUTE BABY!
He's starting to giggle when you tickle him. He is watching everything, including forks to mouths-- (have a hunch that he won't make it to 6 months without solids, the boy is a horse. He's three months old and pretty comfortable in 9 month outfits, with the occasional 6month and 12 month (!) as well.)

He likes his sister. He likes his parents. He likes the sound of his own voice, and getting changed, and baths, and his mobile, and his pacifier, and the hanging stuffed animals on his playmat.

He is so very different from Annaliese already; I used to say that she came into this world suspicious, and you had to convince her that everything was alright, that she was fine. Caspian just assumes this.

His eyes are going to be brown. His ears stick out just like mine. He has delicious fat thighs and a big round belly and after three months of adjustment and waiting and recovery, we are all glad that he is here.

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