Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In case you were wondering

It's been a week! Man.

We had a cranky weekend which ended up with everyone getting a cold on Sunday. K's home today-- he is the worst off, naturally-- and we've been trying hard to be kind to each other and rotating extra nap time.

Which we need, because Caspian slept NINE hours in a row one night last week, sending my hopes soaring, and then...

He started teething.


Several five-wakes-per-nights later, he's got two teeth on the bottom all busted through. Which is NUTS, folks. He's not even four months old. He can't roll over. He can't sit up. But he's got teeth, and he's been eyeing our plates very intently.

We had an oatmeal experiment which was ok but we need to get a food mill (Annaliese's broke) before we commence mush-feeding in earnest.

The last farmers' market is this Saturday. It is a Farmers' Market Fiesta & Antique Tractor Show, meaning I've been doing more work than usual, there's going to be a potluck and hopefully some live music, and one of my farmer buddies is bringing something like ten pre-1970s tractors to line the road next to the market.

Hopefully, a big time. We're going to have more fresh local dairy and a guy selling dressed quail and pickled quail eggs and FINALLY a local honey vendor.

The idea is to go out with a bang.

But Caspian's ready for a nap, and frankly, what with the cold and the last couple of nights, I am too.