Sunday, September 20, 2009

K, anniversary, four years!

Our four-year-anniversary was Friday, and so K and I got gussied up, left the kids at home, and went walking down to Main Street where we went on our town's first ever Art Crawl, starting at a gallery and then going to five artists' studios on foot. There were cookies and wine at each stop and K and I are friends with all the artists anyhow so it was very informal and very fun. We went to the local tavern afterwards, along with everyone else, and K had a beer ontop of the two glasses of wine and started FREAKING out about a tall skinny girl playing darts, saying "where are her thighs! Look at them, she doesn't have any!" At one point he leaned over and said, "Do you think I should go ask her where they went?"

Which was very, very funny. He is so silly when he has a few. I love this about him.

What I do NOT love is that he has lost our camera's spare battery AND charger, so the grandmothers are jonesing for their kid fix in vain.

But a friend with a camera took our picture Friday night. So here we are, four years in, along with a random reporter guy:

Best decision of my life.

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