Friday, September 11, 2009

To Vermont and Back

Some technical difficulties with my creaky old Mac, but in the meantime, a few pictures....

Four flights, two kids. Annaliese hellbent on walking everywhere, waving :"HI!" to all who passed. She is definitely a smalltown kid; no one is a stranger.

Caspian, on the other hand, turned the fussiness up a few notches and conserved his poo to once-a-day blowouts at seven am. He was very happy to come home-- literally was carried inside and instateneously got a ginormous smile on his face. He is also pooing several times a day now, per usual.

And as for K and I-- well. Vacations aren't really vacations anymore. But we did get to sleep until 11am on Labor Day, thanks to his mom, and in between the logistics of carting kids around Vermont, we had a pretty good time. Ate some cheese. Hung out with his sisters. And most importantly:

I'd like to say we took Annaliese to Shelburne Farms for her benefit, but let's not kid myself. It was for me. And boy did Mama have a good time at the farm.

The cabin was really, really nice. Annaliese and I spent a pleasant half-hour hanging over the bank of Frog Pond, counting tadpoles and watching dragonflies. And K. walked around looking all sexy, which is always nice.
I, on the other hand, did strange things with Annaliese' hairclips as I sat next to the pond and waited for the fire under our outside clawfoot bathtub (oh yeah we did) to heat up the water. Good thing K. thinks I'm cute, even laden with our offspring.

In our absence, a coffee shop opened on Main Street! And we're having an Art Crawl next Friday! This place is just getting too cool.

It's nice to be home :)

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Anonymous said...

And it is sooo nice to have you home---
your devoted readers missed our "Alexe fix"---!!!!