Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three weeks!

Caspian is three weeks and one day old.

I'd forgotten how the days pass slowly but the weeks begin to fly by...

It's very heartening, as someone who loves routine.

So, my iron has practically doubled (woo nasty herbal supplements!) and while I am nowhere near my pre-pregnancy weight, I am at least out of maternity pants and back into my fat clothes (I was actually bigger before I had children. Though my rib cage was smaller, strangely).

Wearing pants without elastic and being able to take walks without getting dizzy is pretty darn thrilling. Couple that with all the household help I've been having (my mom's been here for a week, and K's mom arrives tomorrow) and the fact that our newborn takes occasional naps by himself, and I am downright chipper.

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Angela Atkins said...

That's one content little boy.

My ribcage is still bigger! Weird.