Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aight Yo.

We actually haven't taken all that many pictures. Mostly because when you have a toddler who dances and sings and stomps her feet, newborns are kinda... tame.


Annaliese seems to really like Caspian. She pats his head, kisses him-- even if he's crying his hystierical little lar-lar-lar-- and in general is always climbing up on whatever surface I'm reclining to get at him.

For this we praise her lavishly, and K's been spending lots of father-daughter fun time. Apparently yesterday afternoon they had some great times cleaning off an old brick pathway, K with the shovel and Annaliese manning the hose.

For the last 3 nights Caspian's followed kind of a.. schedule, dare I type it? He cluster feeds in the early evening, then falls asleep swaddled in his bassinet somewhere between 8-10, in which he sleeps like a log until 2am. 2am-4am he eats, poops, looks around, rinse and repeat-- then he drifts back off to sleep with me. We've been moving to the couch at the 2am mark mainly because I like to be nocturnal by myself and not worry about disturbing K.

We then wake up to Annaliese climbing on us at 7 or so.

Definitely newborn hours but my heavens, so much more manageable than Annaliese.
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Sarah said...

Thanks for the pics. I'm a fan of Netflix online to help pass the time... :D

Anonymous said...

Love the photos---
the bebes are gorgeous!

Eliza said...

are there any more pictures on picassa. Does the baby boy have his own album??