Friday, June 19, 2009

Holding down the fort.

Since Caspian was born, the weather has turned. It's hot. REALLY hot, even by Mississippi standards. So we've been keeping the AC humming and staying inside, which is a tad frustrating for a housebound-mama, but at least Mom is here... K and I are taking walks every night, after the bebes are settled and the sun has gone down.

It's like a date!

You know, I am crazy about Annaliese, and increasingly enamored with the newest member of our family, but to tell you the truth-- K's my favorite. Always has been. I hope we have lonng, long lives, so we can endure and cherish and savor the family years and then someday live with just each other again.

Until then-- evening walks. Weekend naps. And lots of handholding, to keep us sweet toward each other even when we're seeing every dawn.

New pics:
Annaliese and her brother:
Mom, aka Nonni, meeting her grandson.


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Vinnie+ said...

That grandmother is hot!

And the babies are perfectly beautiful, stunning children...really.