Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No pictures, because K. took his laptop with him on that "business" trip to New Orleans. Dinner at Galatoire's, a somnelier, a five-star hotel, a distinctly blurry-reading email late at night from a piano bar... but he swears he hates it all and can't wait to return to his girls.


Anyhow, Annaliese is at morning #3 of play school. And so far, we're batting... a thousand? 300? Whatever's THE BEST.

She loves it. Eats like a horse, they tell me; plays like a champ; calmly says "hi" when I come to pick her up but doesn't act anxious to leave, then falls asleep on the three-minute ride home.

Yesterday I came to her classroom without anyone seeing me and I looked over the half-door and saw 4 13-17-month-olds sitting quietly in a half-circle, watching their teacher sing a song and move her hands. 

There are 20+ kids at this place, broken into 4 classes by age, and yet whenever I'm there, it is surreally calm. No screaming, no crying; just a whole bunch of little people going about their business of food and play.

And Chapter 7 finally got begun. 

All around, a good thing.

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Carrefour said...

I ADORE day care. I felt so guilty at first, but if you find the right place, it really helps them blossom into the social little things they are. It helped us get into a rhythm. Love it.

Glad to hear you guys are well.