Friday, February 20, 2009

Five Things You Might Not Know ABout My Daughter

1. She hates having too-long sleeves that touch her hands, and tries to pull them off if they're not rolled up.

2. She loves to sit on anything that she can back her butt up to and plop down on. Like the shelf in her room, where I get her to sit while I put on her shoes. And the box in our room that K. made me for Christmas one year. And her papa, when he lies on the ground. 

3. She gives kisses. She blows them, smacking her lips together, and she also will cup my or K's face in her hands and press her lips (tongue protruding) against cheeks or lips or whatever. It's the cutest thing EVER.

4. She eats probably two-three bananas a day, and whenever she SEES them on the counter, she lets out a little, mmMMMmmm, with a hand reaching.

5. She still, after 13 months and counting, hates having her diaper changed.


Big D said...

I hate having my diaper changed, too.
I'm sure she'll be much happier when she can handle things herself.

Also, in re: the video you posted - someone should explain to her that if she keeps plopping her butt down on her dad like that, the chances of getting MORE little brothers and sisters go way down.

On the upside, cup-shots ARE funny...

I love you all. you rock. XOXO

Anonymous said...

bananas encourage constipation!

William's little sister had to go to the hospital when she was a toddler after eating too many bananas and getting constipated!