Monday, February 09, 2009

In case anyone's been wondering...

The weather is fab, the siding is almost all the way on, K. and I primed the ENTIRE HOUSE (except for the three gables which are still un-sided) yesterday in 6 hours while Annaliese rode in a backpack, took a nap in her stroller, hung out in the bed of the truck, and toddled around the porch (under close supervision).

We are working our butts off. 

On the house, on the fruit trees (one hole left to dig!), on the building, and then there's the novel and the full-time job and the 13-month-old.

Despite all the work-- all is really quite well. K. and I went out for dinner last night after putting Annaliese down (sitter in the living room) and ate some super-good food at our new favorite restaraunt. We're spending more time together than we have been since we've resolved to work together rather than the divide-and-conquuer approach we were using. 

And baby #2 is definitely present. A woman glared at my stomach last night as we left the restaurant, don't know why, but I can tell from the world's reaction to me that I am unmistakably showing. 

I don't think about him much. I don't have time, frankly. But having had one child, I'm pretty sure that I don't really have to right now-- because when he gets here, he'll get lots and lots of my attention.

Right now it's more like having a comfortable little buddy riding around me who doesn't talk much, squirms occasionally, and is generally biding his time. Mostly, I find being pregnant pretty pleasant. It's the labor/newborn part that I mentally sigh and resign myself to...