Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday

The laundry's in the machine. The dogs are on the rug. The crew is on the roof. The morning's revisions are next to my elbow. 

It's a weekday again!

At least, for me. For my wee sister, who HAS LEFT ME to go study in Brisbane, Australia (miles and miles and miles away from the fires, thankfully) until June, at which point she will NOT come home to see her new nephew but instead plans to spend the summer studying in SHANGHAI, it is more like acclimate-to-her-new-timezone-and-flit-around-a-lake-before-beginning-classes day.

The lily of the valley bulbs she sent me last week broke through the peat moss of their pot this weekend. That, coupled with the fact I can't call her and listen to her insane workout schedule while I gaze at my belly and contemplate yet another slice of toast, makes me miss her.

So around the world: Happy Monday.

And K turns 28 on Wednesday. Don't forget!

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Blue said...

hey pretty lady! what a memory you have-- but I DID post the valentine's story as promised-- it's on the post that preceeds the dogalogue . . . hee

Bisous, bluepoppy