Friday, September 05, 2008

Yeah, I know, you know. I was busy.We went to Blooming Grove for Annaliese's first Tomato War. To those who don't know about this 75-year-old ritual: a bunch of the same people, who all belong to the same hunting and fishing club in a n idyllic corner of Pa with some fabulous private lakes, meet up once a year for the Tomato War. There are the blacks and the Reds. My family is and have always been Blacks. Almost everyone has been a General of the Black Army at one time or another, including my sister.There is much pomp and cirumstance over the weekend which concludes in the two armies meeting and pleting each other with tomatoes. If you're hit, you're dead.I always die, but the Black Army always wins, so c'est la vie.Behold the weekend:

One of my many cousins:

And the littlest warrior herself:

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Anonymous said...

you finally update, and I don't get and untra-sized version of your little warrior? for shame! i want quality huge-sized cute-as-all-get-out baby pictures, and you're depriving me!


Anonymous said...

Annaliese is the pride of the Black Army, the beautiful Duchess of Belle Geary!

Great to meet you guys. I had the most wonderful time. Blooming Grove is a special place.