Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VT and home again

We are home again home again after some pretty grueling travel times (not sure the savings were worth departing the house at 3.30 am and returning at 2am), and it is lovely.

But despite the traveling and the late nights, Vermont was all that it should be. Jeans and sweatshirt weather during the day, bright blue skies, and the most delicious smell of fall, with the leaves just beginning to turn.

Annaliese spent Saturday in the good hands of aunts, an uncle, and grandparents while K. and I journeyed down narrow roads in our rented Ford Explorer (a free upgrade and I have to say, so ROOMY) to attend Natasha and Nate's wedding.

It was held on a farm where the owners, a very VT couple in their sixties, have lived for 42 years. And it was stunning. The end of a road, no other houses in sight, with a whimsical copper-roofed guest house complete with cupola, beautiful gardens, Jersey cows, a handsome farmhouse, and a very elaborate train track that the husband built himself. Big enough to carry people and with a stone slate roofed engine house.

The wedding itself was sweet and lovely. The bride looked beautiful, they all seemed remarkably relaxed, and the weather couldn't have been better.

The next day, we tromped around a dairy farm and had a great time. Cows, pumpkins, apples, and a four-wheeler... good fun.

All-in-all, a very nice time. Here for pictures.

Annaliese seems recovered after a day home...she took four naps and slept solidly last night. This morning I went to her room in response to her whistles and trills (such a little bird) and found her sitting upright. She does not crawl, but scoots on her but speedily across the room, usually towards dog food, dogs, or wires. And she's pulling up on things. So the Age of Mobility is dawning.

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