Tuesday, September 16, 2008

still here.

Where does the blogging time go? Why, to slipcovers and sweeping, and dog chases and beatings... Dido has wiggled out of the fence five out of the last six days. Last night she was gone from when I went to work (9am) and we awoke in the middle of the night to her slinking under the bed-- probably at least midnight.

I am not impressed.

And where does she spend 15+ hours in WV, anyhow? NOT a big town.

I will try and post again before we leave on Friday, at 4am, THE MORNING AFTER K's and my 3-year anniversary, for a 3-day weekend in Vt where we will see family and attend a wedding. It'll be nice once we get there, but man, the traveling ain't my cup of tea. Good thing we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Grumble grumble grouch grouch.


Anonymous said...

grouch GROUCH!

Big D said...

I am looking forward to not going anywhere for Thanksgiving/Christmas as well.

Just a nice time with the cold outside and the warm inside and dogs cuddled up around me.

Although if one of those dogs were Dido... and the other one Shadow... that might be a different story. Although now that I think about it, the thought of climbing into a dogpile sounds oddly appealing...

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