Tuesday, September 09, 2008

view from BG room at sunrise

I have seen a great many sunrises in the last eight months. One of the few perks of nightwaking babies.

There have been a great many things on my mind lately, and it seems unlikely that each one will get its own post. So in no particular order:

-- the house/building renovations need some divine assistance. Send good thoughts our way.

-- Writing/motherhood really IS a full-time gig. So at the end of this month, I'll be dropping my "part-time" (6-day-a-week, definitely more than 20 hours) job. I'll still manage the Farmers Market, and I am busy planning a downtown movie showing in October, but it won't be what I do every day while neglecting the things closest to my heart. So that's a good thing. Three cheers for K., who-- as always-- knows me better than I know myself.

-- Annaliese is living up to her name meaning (favor from God) more and more every day. I know she will not remember or appreciate how much K. and I delight in her, but it is enough to be this particular soul's caretaker as she eases into life.

-- I really am beginning to miss the East Coast. The smells. The mountains. The architecture.

-- K. might not post, but he is busy being a champion at every step. Annaliese LOVES him. In the morning, after she's woken me up and been fed and is in our bed, she looks over to her still-slumbering papa, grins, and reaches her small hand to him. If he's in reach, she thwacks him until he opens an eye-- and then she BEAMS and kicks her legs. It's the cutest thing ever.

love to all, pics to follow
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Carrefour said...

Yes, she is. She's a beauty and a sweet, sweet girl.

Good call on the job thing. You were taking on a lot a lot a lot. One at a time.

We miss the Van Beuren-Coughlins. Let's play soon.