Monday, May 12, 2008

Stinkerina came to visit.

She did a lot of babyholding while I did things like grocery shop, wash the dogs, and go to the bathroom.
Oh. And play with the baby.
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Anonymous said...

"It's 4 pm and I haven't managed to do much today. Dogs walked, me showered, baby fed, changed, fed, changed, down for a nap, entertained, etc. Some laundry folded and a going-through of the novel to square up days and dates."

Okay, I had to quote you back to yourself because that is a hellalot of accomplishment in a single day for a woman with an infant!! I don't get a third of that done and I have no excuse at all.

I would've emailed you back, but couldn't find it-- to say, oh honey-- you are doing everything right-- of course your life is full to the brim right now because you are beginning and growing so many new things (a home! people! a baby! a novel!) into your life and it's all good.

I am old and trying to shift into a different place in life where I am not pushing and trying and striving and doing which is what I have been doing for the past 20 years. but trust me, you will get loads of fat, loose, wonderful time just for yourself and when you do you will be so glad the hard work came first, it makes the down time truly sweet.

And, if I could bottle up some of this space and lightness and quiet and send it to you I totally would.

Just know I think what you are doing is amazing and can't wait to buy your book! I need a good book right now-- any recs?


Big D said...

bluepoppy - I'm obsessed with Diana Gabaldon right now - alexe can attest that it's escapism at its finest :)

A - that last pic of the bebe is simply hysterical! what an actress. i would say she's in love with the camera, but it's possible that she simply considers it an appendage belonging to her parents :)

my children will probably think that an iphone is my appendage, so really you're up one on me there...

in other news, Madeline has cost me over $300 in stupid vet bills this month. Her left eye has gone all wonky. on your list of things to be thankful for: you don't have to put a cone around a's neck. on my list of things to be thankful for: i don't have to deal with diaper rash.

Anonymous said...

Alexe is a Mamma,
She works harder than Obama,
To make her little one smile,
She'd swim the whole Nile.

To go days without sleep,
Little sanity she'll keep,
And yet she still takes the time,
To read this simple rhyme,

Keeping in touch with friends,
House, Baby, Husband to tend,
The end of a novel in sight,
For her dreams she will fight,

I love what is Alexe,
Every beautiful little piece,
I pray she'll have a pregnant cow,
And a farm for precious Annaliese.