Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4 months ago...

I was still laboring. Let's forget that, shall we?
Though I occasionally have fantasies of empty, soundproofed rooms, we're doing ok. And you've learned how to do all sort of things-- most recently, an undulating dragon-baby noise, which you prefer over all the other cutesy sounds you were making. I'm going to wait it out. In three days, you'll be entranced with something else.

Your papa and I had a serious discussion regarding you and television this morning. Already, you like glowing boxes. My vote is for movies like the Swiss Family Robinson and Peter Pan, but your papa says you'll end up scared of pirates.

We'll see, eh? In any case, no dumbo or bambi, because the moms die.

Your sleeping is not so bad. But honey, it's ok to go to sleep; I promise you're not missing anything, other than me and your papa collapsing onto the couch and staring at each other. The occasional hand of rummy-- that's it.

In any case, I'm very proud of you. Other than the milk regurgitation, you're doing a great job being a baby. And you smile at me when you wake up, which is the best kind of thanks there is.

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Carrefour said...

Congratulations, beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months,baby girl---that's a beautiful photo!rnksm

Sarah L said...

you're too cute as a mom! If I didn't love my mom so much, I'd ask you to adopt me.

ps- still have a summer dress from Bali to send your little one. you have an address?