Monday, May 19, 2008

early Sunday morning

On Sunday morning, I left my family sleeping and made myself a big bowl of coffee and milk. I sat on the porch, looked out at the new morning, and wrote in my journal. It was the kind of time that has always been and still is precious.

We head north on Wednesday. Annaliese has never spent a night elsewhere than this house, and so I'm a bit nervous- abou the sleeping, about the 14hrs in a car, about the bedding down in a new place. But so many good things are going to happen on this trip....Annaliese will meet her godfather, who is flying in from the West Coast; she will sleep in my childhood room, visit our VT cabin, and meet her VT aunties for the first time.

Here's to hoping that moments of stillness still find me.
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Anonymous said...

Aren't they just precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll hold Annaliese - while you find your quiet space! I know how precious that time is - and getting to know our lovely niece - is precious for both me - and Uncle Mike.

We can't wait to see your sweet family. Have a great adventure while you make your way to us!

Mary and Mike

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Make that grand niece!