Tuesday, May 20, 2008

check ya later

requisite picture of the baby:

damn, she is adorable.

that being said, some non-baby-related things:

we had our first farmers' market of the season last saturday. with the help of anika, i sold out of focaccia and cinnamon rolls. i think i made about two bucks profit, but in my opinino-- a raving success.

i can't believe hillary clinton is still running, and i can't believe how far i've come from being willing to vote for mccain. every time the man talks he gives me the heebies.

i really, really want a cow. but i got wind of a guy with jerseys, so maybe we can work something out.

this evening, k and i moved our boat into the building on main street to avoid the whole theft thing. wade, our 84 yr old barber, came by and refused to let me take my end of the boat. he carried it in. i love this town.

anika has been here for the last two weeks, and she is amazing. my closets and cabinets are IMPECCABLE. and she's good company to boot.

my dad's probably not going to meet his first and onlygrandchild this trip either, despite my offer to lunch at a spot 60 miles north of manhattan with a train station. the whole thing makes me very, very sad. until i get impatient with the whole boring situation and move on.

oh: and my husband rocks. spa mani, pedi, and massage for mothers' day. i am one PAMPERED princess.

see y'all soon.
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Big D said...

that baby makes me want to do nothing but kiss her cheeks all day long. Your dad could be certified insane for not making every effort to see her. It's like someone turning down a free trip to xanadu or something.

Did I tell you about "summer fridays"? I get like 4 or 5 fridays off between now and August 8. So let me know some weekend when y'all will be in town. That Prius needs to earn her keep ;)

Congrats on the farmer's market!!!! WOW! You lead the most delightful life. I planted some beefsteak tomato seeds this past weekend but I really want some of your heirloom seeds, though, because frankly I've only heard about how mediocre beefsteaks are. Still and all, the thought of having grown my own tomato and eating it with fresh mozzarella, salt and vinegar gives me little chills of delight.

Ditto on McCain. I think it's because his mouth is so small, maybe, but it creeps me out. If i vote democrat i'm going to hate myself.

Miss you bunches, can't wait to tell you all about the temporary roommate, plans to sort-of ditch car ownership, and vet bills